About Us

A-Chalet Construction Inc (ACI) was established in 1981 in Tampa Bay, Florida. Today, along with A-chalet’s sister company, A-Chalet Flooring, they have developed, designed, remolded and restored for the past 40+ years not only throughout Florida but as well as parts of Tennessee and Texas.

Both companies, A-Chalet Construction and A-Chalet Flooring expanded into the commercial and residential market; having much experience in tenant build outs, hurricane, water and fire restoration, restaurants, hotels, churches, schools, and many other multi-use facilities.

A-Chalet Construction is a Florida native business since birth, thus they realize the damage that Florida’s weather can permit on our homes and buildings. Therefore for A-Chalet offers 24/7 Water and Fire Restoration. A-Chalet Construction has restored many buildings due to accidental lightning strikes, harsh hurricanes, water-front floods, and many other cases. 

Excellent workmanship guarantees a job well done the first time and continues supervision on projects assuring that the work is completed in a timely manner that meets the company’s high standards and expectations. A-Chalet Construction believes in old fashioned work ethics and accommodates the customer by always going the extra mile to accomplish nothing less than a perfect job.


Testimonial~ “To say the least, I was thoroughly impressed by what I saw. The quality of the workmanship there was really quite outstanding – something that is all too rare these days. Normally when I do these walk throughs I leave with at least two pages worth of things that need to be done...”  - Mark Vetter ~ Building Inspector